Application crash when using Oracle repository

Modified on Mon, 11 May 2015 at 05:02 PM

 If you experience application crash issues when using an Oracle repository database, the most likely cause is that the ODBC DSN for the RED repository database (the "Data Warehouse" connection) is using the Oracle ODBC driver (i.e. the ODBC driver installed with the Oracle Client).

The Oracle ODBC driver (SQORA32.DLL) is not a supported driver for use with an Oracle RED repository database, as it contains bugs that make it incompatible with RED.

The only supported ODBC drivers for the Data Warehouse/repository database connection are:

  1. The Microsoft ODBC Driver for Oracle (MSORCL32.DLL) which is installed with the Windows operating system.
  2. The DataDirect Oracle ODBC driver, available through WhereScape as an additional purchase.

To check which driver is being used, look at Help > About WhereScape RED and inspect the ODBC Driver Version property. The Microsoft driver will have a version number similar to a Windows version number e.g. "6006001", whereas the Oracle driver will have a version number that relates to the Oracle version e.g. "11020003".

To resolve this issue, re-create the ODBC DSN for the RED repository database using the "Microsoft ODBC Driver for Oracle" or the DataDirect ODBC driver.


1) The "Microsoft ODBC Driver for Oracle" is deprecated, but still supported, by Microsoft.

2) The Oracle ODBC driver is supported for use in Connections other than the RED repository database (i.e. other than the "Data Warehouse" connection).

3) Contact your WhereScape sales representative for information on the DataDirect Oracle ODBC driver.

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