Configure 3D for concurrent users on a terminal server

Modified on Tue, 25 Aug 2015 at 07:46 AM

The setup for 3D prompts for a "storage location" which by default is a non-user-specific location like "C:\WhereScape\3D\". This configuration is intended for a single user PC and in this configuration you will not be able to start a second concurrent session of 3D on the same computer because the first session will have locked the files in this location. The second session of 3D started will detect this and automatically shut down.

Configure 3D for concurrent users during Installation
To enable multiple users to run 3D concurrently on the same computer (e.g. when the computer is being used as a Terminal Server), you need to select a user-specific storage location during the installation process so that each user has a separate profile, i.e. when installing 3D for each user select the "C:\Users\<username>\WhereScape\3D" option for the "Store files in:" location.

Configure 3D for concurrent users after Installation
If you have already installed 3D and chose the "C:\WhereScape\3D\" option (or another non-user-specific location) to store files in, then you can manually change it by following these steps:

1) Copy the content of C:\WhereScape\3D\ to a new folder of C:\Users\<username>\WhereScape\3D *for each user that will log on to the computer and use 3D*

2) Delete the original C:\WhereScape\3D\ folder

This will set up each user with their own repository and settings and they will be able to work concurrently.

Shared repository
Note, if you want multiple users to work on the same repository then you will need to set up a Shared Repository, as described in the Help.

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