Wherescape RED can be easily used in conjunction with Amazon’s cloud service, Amazon Relational Database Services (RDS). This document explains the few extra steps needed to upload a file source into an AWS SQL Server database.


You can create a metadata repository in a SQL Server instance of Amazon RDS and run Wherescape in the cloud.

Only a few extra steps need to be considered to run your data warehouse in the cloud.

Step 1: Prepare general database settings
  • Create a database instance in Amazon RDS
  • Add your client to DB Security Groups in Amazon RDS
  • Create a database in your Amazon RDS database instance using management studio.

See the Amazon AWS documentation site for more details.

Step 2: Installation of Wherescape RED Proceed with your Wherescape RED installation as usual
  • Create ODBC source for your database connection
  • Install metadata repository using Wherescape Administrator
  • Install scheduler using Wherescape Administrator


Although the scheduler metadata tables reside in the cloud your Windows account for the scheduler runs on your local server

Changes for load tables:
Because Amazon RDS does not support “Bulk Admin” rights for database users following small changes need to be performed for load scripts:

  • Comment or remove following lines:
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
setlocal enableextensions

  • Remove ctl-file generation.
  • Change sqlcmd to bcp command, e.g.:
bcp %DATABASE%.dbo.%LOAD_TABLE% in %LOAD_FILE% -c -t"|" -o %FILELOG% -S %SERVER% -U %USER% -P %PWD%