In order to be able to print out the complete RED documentation set, it is required to create a script that merges all the RED Documentation’s HTML files into one HTML file. The description is as follows:

Put the script_html_merge.bat script into RED documentation directory (any directory that you would be able to choose when you create the documentation in WhereScape RED).

Double click on it to execute manually; it will create doc.html merged file. The execution of the script_html_merge.bat script can also be scheduled via RED Scheduler.

Download PDF creator a free PDF printer for Windows. If desired, the other similar product can be used.

After the installation, it will create PDF Creator printer.

Open doc.html and print it to PDF Creator - it will create PDF file.

For PDF creation, you can use any other tool allowing printing into PDF or convert HTML into PDF; I used PDF Creator simply because it is free and it does a good job.

The code is two lines really, see attached code below

Note: Obviously, you can print out one doc at a time by Right Click on the doc and choose Print from dropdown menu